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How to Book an Appointment

1. Please read and understand that you will need to sign a copy of our Agreements of Policies upon arriving for your first appointment, before receiving services. See a copy of our policies below. Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ). If you still have questions, feel free to contact us directly. 

2. Go to the Shop EES page and purchase the hours you would like to use. Make sure to read which package you are purchasing thoroughly. Unifyd packages cannot be shared. You will need to purchase hours through our site previous to booking an appointment. Exact cash is accepted at time of appointment.  If you have questions about Unifyd please visit our FAQ page.

3. After purchasing your hours call or text Karen at 952-237-2501 to schedule a session. Voicemail and email messages will receive a response within 48 hours. Text messages will receive a priority response. 

Acknowledgment and Agreement of Policies

  • I acknowledge there are stairs in this home based healing center.



  • I acknowledge there are two pet cats in this home based healing center.



  • I acknowledge I will try to be as hydrated as possible, as there can be detox symptoms that occur.



  • I acknowledge that I am entering a functioning home residence and not a business.



  • I acknowledge that I will be asked to take off my outside shoes at the front door to receive services.



  • I acknowledge this is a private membership association and agree to it's terms by signing the membership application.



  • I acknowledge that the use of the an Energy Enhancement System can be used in conjunction to conventional health care services. The information and views communicated by Sunny Vibees Collective is not intended to be a substitute for conventional healthcare services. We do not provide medical advise, diagnosis, or treat medical or mental health conditions. Prevention, management, and cure of illness is not guaranteed. Individual results may vary. Individuals should consult with their physicians to make decisions about their healthcare.



  • I acknowledge that Sunny Vibees Collective has the right to terminate my membership at their discretion. Policies and procedures are subject to change.



  • I acknowledge the rack, systems and other equipment in the room is not to be touched or moved due to the laser precision needed with these systems. Anyone who is caught doing this will be fined.

  • No refunds. Cancellations will be subject to fee if cancellations continue after first the cancellation.

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