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What is a Wellness Box?

It's a customizable box of home and wellness products you can order each month and stay out of stores and stop supporting big corporate conglomerates. They have everything from non-toxic cleaning products to bathroom stuff including toothpaste, deodorant, makeup, coffee, snacks, essential oils, vitamins etc… over 500 products that ship in 2 to 4 days!

Interested in joining?

Please text your first and last name with "Wellness Box" to 952-237-2502 or send an email to with the subject line "Wellness Box"  and include your first and last name. We will then reach out to you with a customized shopping link. Please do not join through the link below, or it will connect you with random representative. We would like to keep our SunnyVibees Collective together under our umbrella, so we can directly support our members journey with any and all questions or concerns. This is an online service so please feel free to share with anyone that is interested.

Be sure to click the 3 lines in the upper left corner so you can see all the products on the drop down.

This link is just for you to browse the products.     

Browse Melaleuca

Important details of being a Melaleuca customer:

- Melaleuca is a 38 year old company based out of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

- 99% of our products are American Made. The mascara is made in Italy and there are a few select products from Canada.

- We have an A+ Rating with the better business Bureau.

- We have almost 500 products that most people use every day: Laundry and Dish products, Cleaning Supplies, Snack foods, Coffee and Teas, Personal Care items like Toothpaste, Deodorant, Shampoo, Conditioner, Bar Soaps, Body Wash, Lotions, Makeup, Skin Care, Mens Line, Childrens Line,  methylated Vitamins, Supplements, Fitness and Sports Nutrition, Essential Oils and Medicine Cabinet Items.

- The makeup and skincare exceeds EU standards. We have banned over 13,000 chemicals commonly found in makeup.

- None of our products contain any ammonia, bleach, parabens, sulfates, quantarnery disinfectants, phthalates, formaldehyde and triclosans.

- The whole store is non gmo.

- The essential oils are 10 level tested and super affordable. 

- They have a special dietary line that is soy free, non gmo, no artificial sweeteners etc. 

- None of our products require childproof caps and in 37 years we have never had a lawsuit for a product harming someone or ingredient lies.

- Our products are comparable or in many instances less expensive than our competitors brands in stores.

- To become a member you pay either $1 or $19, depending on what the current specials are that month. To find out what this months special is, look on the first page of your Melaleuca site under the business center tab. This is your membership fee for the whole year and will be due again exactly one year from the time of enrollment for $19.

- Every single person with Melaleuca is *just* a customer. We do not require a kit or extra fees to refer others. We are just customers referring other customers. Every Melaleuca Customer receives the following regardless of if they ever refer a single customer or not.

- Flat rate shipping for $10.22 that is 100% reimbursed in loyalty dollars on orders over 44 points.

- You can easily cancel at any time.

- You will not automatically be shipped a box every month without consent, and can choose to customize a "backup box" to make reordering your monthly essentials easy if you don't have time to shop all the time.  

- There are programs like loyalty dollars, cashback, a credit card and deals for shopping with our partners. 

- Offer extra services like beef products Riverbend Ranch Steaks, identity theft protections and home security.

Have a question not answered here? Feel free to reach out by email or phone/text and we are more than happy to help!

Wellness Box with Melaleuca

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